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DefenAge features a stand-alone breakthrough natural mechanism of action. Experience visible correction of up to 16 signs of aging in 6 weeks!


DefenAge Skin Care is the FIRST and ONLY 4th generation stem cell skin care, addressing up to 16 signs of skin aging in 6 weeks; clinical-study proven. The key ingredient, Age-Repair Defensins®, features a stand-alone NATURAL mechanism of action, and has been named “the newest peptide on the market” and “one of the biggest breakthroughs in skin care”. These peptides are synthetically produced and target dormant Skin’s Master Stem Cells. Patent-pending and exclusively available in DefenAge®. Simple, Regenerative, Effective.

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2016 Top 10 Break Out Aesthetic Company by Aesthetic Everything


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“The science behind this product is remarkable.”Amy Forman Taub, MD

“I believe this [DefenAge] is the next biggest game-changer in topical products for anti-aging.”Dr. Angela Bowers

“DefenAge is a novel approach to address the visual signs of skin aging. I am impressed with the improved appearance of skin after using DefenAge.”Vivian Bucay, M.D.

“I use DefenAge as my go-to booster quarter.”Dr. Julie Russak


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