We offer more than 12 exclusive formulations for IV vitamin Infusions.



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    It's a LifeStyle! Feel Great & Look Great Don't let the business of living keep you from the healthy body you deserve. We offer more than 12 exclusive formulations for IV vitamin Infusions. Our team is specialized in helping people overcome from general to chronic health disorders such as stress, weakness, low energy, inflammation, dehydration among others. Our goal is to help you find the way you restore and replenish your cell condition to improve your lifestyle. We also provide oxygen therapy to our members, complementing the IV therapy and optimizing the results. Our board certified wellness coach and nurses are ready to start taking care of your health. Specialized genetic and blood testing available.

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    I tried this place out because my friend recommended it to me and it’s amazing! I definitely felt a difference after the first time I got my infusion. If you want to try it for the first time but think it’s expensive they have a first time customer deal for $169! They also just moved downstairs and how they decorated the place is so beautiful it makes me feel very calm and relaxed when I get my infusion. I will definitely be coming back!



    NO WAITING TIME, it was An amazing experience , very nice place to spend couple hours there to Re-energize your self and become NEW person. It's worth every single penny I paid. The Staff is amazing and friendly and they respond quickly to my requests, the place is quiet and very relaxing, I RECOMMEND THIS PLACE ALL THE TIMES



    Let me start off by saying Amazing!! You guys MUST try these supplements! The best part about this is everything is by appointment and there is no waiting time when you come exactly by your scheduled appointment! ALSO, since the IV usually take 1 and 1/2 hours to be absorbed in the body, they make you feel like you’re home with those recliners and TV’s! My whole family had COVID in January and we all went to take different kinds of IV’s based off of our body’s needs. My mom had the worst case of COVID and had a consultation with Jorge and he helped her basically renew her whole immune system! She was lacking a lot of vitamins and he knew exactly what to give her! I strongly recommend to take it especially if you had COVID! I recommend buying the package because it is technically less expensive than buying just one pack. Trust me the money you put into this is 100% worth it! When you go there once you will come back again!


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