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Alivedrip is an IV vitamin infusion center with a health and wellness approach developed by physicians and affiliates. Enjoy the perfect wellness infusion of mind, body, spirit, health, and education. Our providers are interested in your health and wellness optimization. With our cutting edge approach to wellness, we feel like we have created a way to pull away from the excessive mental stimulation of the modern world and focus on mind and body wellness. We have created “The Alive Experience” as a way to approach ultimate relaxation and balance. “The Alive Experience,” revolves around receiving IV vitamin infusions, virtual reality stimulation, oxygen therapy, Pulse electromagnetic frequency, and multi-sensory stimulation. We tried to take advantage of the time it takes to perform the IV infusion and paired it with a system to recharge your battery. Plug in at a local hub and reset your mind and recharge your body for a better you. Take the opportunity to relax and unwind in either of our private suites or our community lounge area where you can interact with like-minded individuals.


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We offer more than 12 exclusive formulations for IV Vitamin​ Infusions. Our team is specialized in helping people overcome from general to chronic health disorders such as stress, weakness, low energy, inflammation, dehydration among others. Our goal is to help you find the way you restore and replenish your cell condition to improve your lifestyle. We also provide oxygen therapy to our members, complementing the IV infusion and optimizing the results. Our board-certified wellness coach and nurse are ready to start taking care of your health. Specialized genetic and blood testing available.