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Stratpharma Switzerland

Stratpharma specializes both in the development and in the licensing and global commercialization of novel medical devices and pharmaceutical products. 


Stratpharma Switzerland specializes in innovative film-forming full-contact silicone based medical products to improve clinical and aesthetic outcomes in post-procedure care in aesthetic dermatology and plastic surgery. Our products feature breakthrough technology in wound and compromised skin management, scar management, and skin resurfacing post-care.

Stratpharma Switzerland has a global coverage and sells products in over 40 countries around the world. Stratpharma Switzerland is a GMP certified company for the design, development and manufacture of topical medical devices.

In 2016, Stratpharma Switzerland launched the range of innovative products in the USA enabling health care professionals to enhance and to support wound healing immediately post-procedure and to manage scars both old and new. 

– Stratamed – The world’s first self-drying, full contact, flexible, semi-occlusive wound dressing in a form of a gel approved to be used immediately post procedure.
– Stratacel – Unique formulation and flexible wound dressing specifically designed for the use on sensitive skin areas (i.e. periorbital, nostrils and lips) and approved to be applied on open wounds and compromised skin.
– Strataderm – Advanced formula for both old and new scar management with easy once-daily application.

All products are FDA listed.


– Breakthrough innovative post-procedure care and scar management solutions for dermatological, cosmetic and general surgery 
– Comprehensive medical and clinical information support for healthcare providers and patients
– Continuous support with the latest clinical updates to dedicated and highly trained wound care specialists across the country
– Involvement in continuous medical improvement and speaker bureau programs 
– Supporting the assessing of products’ clinical evidence in view of scientific publications in international medical journals
– Commitment to continuous new product development


Stratpharma Switzerland has launched Strataderm, Stratamed and Stratacel in the USA.

– Strataderm is a self-drying gel for the management of hypertrophic scars and keloids.
– Strataderm can be used for both old and new scars to soften and flatten raised scars, relieve itching and discomfort, reduce redness and discoloration.
– Strataderm is easy to use once daily. Strataderm is transparent, odorless and can be covered with makeup, cosmetics or sunscreen.

– Stratamed is an advanced film-forming wound dressing in a form of self-drying gel.
– Stratamed is flexible, adaptable, and creates a full-contact surface.
– Stratamed can be used immediately after cosmetic and general surgery, skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal, chemical peels, dermal abrasion etc.
– Stratamed is bacteriostatic (protects compromised skin areas and open wounds from chemical and microbial invasion) and inert (it does not affect the protective acid mantle of the skin).
– Stratamed creates an optimal environment for the normalization of the inflammatory response.
– Stratamed provides symptomatic relief (redness/discoloration, itching, discomfort, pain) and improves the visible outcome of the treatment.

– Stratacel is a full contact flexible wound dressing specifically designed for the use on sensitive skin areas, such as periorbital, nostrils and lips.
– Stratacel lightly bonds to the most superficial damaged skin layer.
– Stratacel is a medical product with a unique formula, a complement to leading rejuvenating technologies (e.g. laser treatment), enhancing the best aesthetical outcomes.
– Stratacel creates and maintains the environment that enables the building blocks of new collagen and elastin.
– Stratacel is a transparent, easy to use wound dressing, offering excellent spreadability and wash-off resistance.


Stratpharma USA will launch at the 2016 Las Vegas Aesthetic Show. Please visit booth #840 to register for your StrataKIT and learn more about our breakthrough portfolio of medical products.

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