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Skin Up USA

Our mission is to create a new habit of skin care direct to you from Italy – the only device and lotion combination that will revolutionize the way you moisturize! Anytime, anywhere, even over make-up!


We all know proper hydration is one of the main goals to maintain optimal skin appereance and luminosity.

By using the Skin Up device with our exclusive Phil Pharma Active lotions, you can achieve it – all day – in the palm of your hand with immediate results.

Our lotions become a water-based mist, mixing only the best ingredients that can be used even over make-up:
HYALURONIC ACID to attract water to maintain ultimate hydration
CoEnzyme Q10 as an affective antioxidant
LIPOIC ACID as an affective antioxidant
ALOE with emollient properties that soothe and moisturize skin

Using these innovative lotions you have the opportunity to take the best possible contiuous care of your skin, throughout the day – creating a new habit in skin care and acheive a whole new level of ultimate hydration anywhere, anytime.


Skin Up Box Starter Kit Contains:

One Skin Up electronic moisturizer
Two bottles of Phil Pharma Active lotions (1.69 FL.OZ. each)
USB charging cable
PU leather bag to carry the device

The device is now available in four colors (white, pink, red, black)

Phil Pharma Active Lotions Refills – Now available in three luxurious fragrances and a fragrance free lotion.

How Does It Work:

Skin surface is not smooth. The mist sprayed by SKIN UP electronic device is composed by drops which have the appropriate diameter for their purpose (10 µm = 10mm/1,000). Because of their small size, these drops adhere to skin in the best possible way.

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced by human body and its amount decreases with aging. Its presence in the mist plays a main role since it has the ability to attract water to maintain optimal hydration. That’s why hyaluronic acid is present in every Phil Pharma Actvie Lotion mixed with the best components for your skin care.





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