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RxPhoto is a clinical photography photo management and storage app for aesthetic practices; dermatology, plastic surgery, vein treatment, medical spa and wound care fields.

About RxPhoto

In an image-centric world, before and after photos are a practices’ #1 tool for converting consultations into procedures. We at RxPhoto have seen first-hand how important visual aids and photos are to move patients through the cosmetic patients’ buyer’s journey.

Founded in 2011, RxPhoto is revolutionizing medical photography for aesthetic practices. RxPhoto transforms an iPhone or an iPad into a HIPAA compliant clinical photography system that streamlines the process of capturing, managing and showcasing aesthetic before and after photos.

Awards and Recognitions:

2016 Top Aesthetic Service Company – Aesthetic Everything

How Does RxPhoto Help Practices?

RxPhoto has essentially given every aesthetic practice the ability to capture perfect and standardized before and after photos with their mobile device. Using RxPhoto saves time by automatically cataloging and uploading all photos to the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud eliminating the need for expensive and cumbersome photography equipment. RxPhoto also provides showcasing tools to help practices convert more consultations to procedures.

The Importance of a Before and After Gallery

RxPhoto’s Tools:

The RxPhoto app transforms an iPhone or iPad into a clinical photography system that streamlines the process of taking high-quality and consistent before and after medical photos:

• On screen capturing guides, leveling tools and grid lines help maintain consistency across staff members and time intervals.
• Customizable photo-sequencing directs the photo session so every patient has the same set of photos appropriate to their specific procedure – no angle or position can be missed!
• Photo ghosting overlays already-captured photos over current view-finder images so that each photo is aligned identically, making your after photos highly consistent with your before photos.
• Images are automatically catalogued by patient name, date, diagnosis, treatment, and body region and uploaded to the RxPhoto HIPAA compliant cloud for effortless retrieval.
• Seamless retrieval of patient photos allows practices to easily use their photos for expectation management, marketing, and illustration of cosmetic services.
• RxPhoto’s showcasing tools create practice-branded patient reports, care/treatment plans, side-by-side comparisons, consent forms and more.


Dr. Travis Shaw, MD
“RxPhoto is exactly what our plastic surgery practice was looking for! Being able to easily show before and after photos has helped me dramatically improve my consultation conversion rate.”

Dr. Jeff Burch
“Using this program has revolutionized our picture processes. By using “i-” technologies for taking pictures it means and camera is always available. The cataloging of the pictures happens in real time, saving me at least 2hrs per day in staff time to catalog the images. Retrieve and showing the before and after pictures is simple and effect leading to increased patient satisfaction and increased sales. Bottom line, the saving in staff time and increased patient satisfaction and sales, easily justifies the expense.”

The Vein Institute
“Managing patient photos has never been easier. RxPhoto allows our practice to capture high quality and consistent before and after pictures. The app is user friendly and easily accessible.”

Chris Pittman M.D.
“Easy for staff to use. HIPAA compliant. Cloud-based solution so always accessible, portable, and can be deployed across multiple offices unlike large, bulky stand alone cosmetic photography solutions.”

Dr. Ariel Soffer
“This application has changed the way we practice medicine and has really differentiated us from a lot of other practices.”

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