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Michael Kulick, MD

Michael Kulick, MD is a San Francisco Bay Area Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, facelifts, and other facial procedures.


A healthy level of self-esteem is one of several factors which contribute to an emotionally satisfying life. Having pride in one’s physical appearance can affect this level of self-esteem.

Sometimes, individuals may have cosmetic physical problems that cause great personal concern. There may even be a disparity between their own self-image – how they see themselves, and their body image – how other people see them. A problem that is very troublesome to a person, may seem insignificant to a friend or loved one. When such a disparity in an individual’s image exists, it can often weaken that person’s self-esteem, and lead to associated frustration, anxiety or depression.

Corrective measures to bridge this gap between self-image and body image can take several forms, both surgical and non-surgical. Because cosmetic surgery is not a self-image panacea, Dr. Kulick conducts a preliminary consultation to assess an individual’s need and motivation for surgery. Numerous physical conditions can be significantly improved by cosmetic surgery. Even a relatively minor procedure can ease the anxiety associated with a physical condition. Once the patient and Dr. Kulick have a clear understanding of the desired change, the procedure can then be planned. Through cosmetic surgery, Dr. Kulick has helped many patients overcome their physical concerns from birth defects, deformities caused by injury, problems attributed to genetic structure, and the effects of aging. In such cases, cosmetic surgery provided a heightened level of self-esteem and an enhanced quality of life. Dr. Kulick is a recognized international expert in the field of plastic surgery.


General/Plastic Surgery Resident – Stanford University Hospital – Palo Alto, CA 1979-1985
Hand Surgery Fellowship – E.S. Kilgore, M.D., W.L. Newmeyer, M.D. – San Francisco, CA 1983-1984
M.D. Degree – Stritch School of Medicine Loyola University Chicago, IL, Magna Cum Laude
AOA Honor Society – 1977-1979
D.D.S. Degree Northwestern University Dental School – Northwestern University Chicago, IL, Magna Cum Laude
OKU National Honor Society – 1974-1977
Northwestern University Chicago, IL – Majors: Mathematics/Biochemistry 1972-1974

Memberships and Associations:

American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 1994
Chairman Light and Energy Based Technology, ASAPS 2010 – present
Lipoplasty Society of North America 1991
American Society for Surgery of the Hand 1990
American Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery 1986
San Francisco Medical Society 1985

Community Involvement
Member of Board of Directors Child Abuse Prevention Society San Francisco, CA
Direct 80-member organization to raise money for the goal of purchasing and operating a San Francisco-based shelter for abused children. Services of the shelter include emergency help and counseling for parents and children through a “talk line.” The center also serves as a respite facility for children in urgent need, and has active counselors who provide ongoing therapy to troubled families. 1989-2007

Past President, Member of Board of Directors and Active Member of The Guardsmen San Francisco, CA
Governed 150 active member organization of businessmen who raised money to send underprivileged children to summer camp. 1986-1994

Foreign Travel
Member of Interplast Society
Traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Honduras, the Philippines and Samoa. The mission of this organization is to perform courtesy surgeries on hundreds of impoverished patients who have burn injuries, hand injuries and congenital deformities such as cleft lip and palate abnormalities.

Awards and Recognitions:

Clinical Editor – Aesthetic Surgery Journal2010 – present
Certificate of Advanced Education 1999 – present
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 1999- present
Center of Medical Excellence – 2001
Clinical Workshop – Aesthetic Medicine 2001
Certificate of Merit – Outstanding Contribution to Public Education 2001
Journalistic Achievement Award 2001
Aesthetic Surgery Video Journal – Outstanding Physician Educational Video – American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery 2001
Certificate of Appreciation Operation Desert Storm – Department of Veterans Affairs, Indianapolis, Indiana 1991
First Place Award, Best Scientific Paper – California Society of Plastic Surgery 1984
Third Place Award, Resident Contest American Association for Hand Surgery – National Meeting, Hawaii 1982
First Alternate, American College of Surgeons Resident Research Award – Investigation of Immunologic Aspects of Burns 1980
Counselor, Medical Scholars Program Stanford University Medical School 1979-1985
Upjohn Achievement Award for Excellence in Medicine 1979
SCADA Honorary Society — Student Clinician of the American Dental Association 1976
First Place Award, Clinical Presentation – East Coast Dental Convention 1976


Dr. Kulick’s office provide both surgical and non-surgical alternatives to meet each person’s aesthetic needs. If you have concerns regarding the following issues, a consultation with Dr. Kulick may help.

Facial Aging, Sun Damage, Unwanted Hair, Protruding Ears, Nasal Profile, Weak Chin, Breast Concerns, Cellulite, Unwanted Fat, Scar Revision, Non-Surgical Treatment of Skin Wrinkles, Laser Treatments, and much more.


“Beyond the terrific job that Dr. Kulick did in making me look younger then my real years, I found Dr. Kulick to be a compassionate and caring physician whose efforts extends way beyond the initial operation. He is a very people oriented doctor who makes you feel calm and assured he is doing the best possible job for you. I believe Dr. Kulick is one of the best plastic surgeons in the state if not the country and it has been my pleasure being one of his patients for the last year.”
– GC, gentleman that received a brow lift, face and neck lift

“As a young woman growing into one’s body and not feeling comfortable with myself was the worst feeling I ever felt. (One year after a breast augmentation) I feel 100% confident, am more social and am happier than I have ever been. I am a nursing student and love and embrace life to its fullest.”
– RW, following a breast augmentation

“As I have said to all of my family and friends, Dr. Kulick is in a class by himself. My daughter and her husband, knowing that I have had many (cosmetic operations), asked me which one I would recommend to them. I said Dr. Kulick without a moment of hesitation. It turned out that Dr. Kulick did by far the best job of any of them.”
– Mrs. J, re-do of a previous facelift and eyelid procedure

“He (Dr. Kulick) takes the time to answer your questions, assuage your fears and offers his invaluable advice on which procedures will improve your appearance. After surgery with Dr. Kulick, you will love looking in a mirror again (or, in my case, I now enjoy looking in a mirror for the first time in my life!). The combination of blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and laser resurfacing have given me a softer, younger and more blissful appearance.”
– CM, after rhinoplasty, laser resurfacing and eyelid procedure

“For myself, liposuction surgery has met and exceeded my expectations in correcting fat deposit inconsistencies that I thought would not respond to liposuction. I feel very comfortable with Dr. Kulick’s skill and talent and appreciate his candor in answering my questions, especially since I can be demanding and a perfectionist who needs to “be in control”.”
– Jennifer, after liposuction

“Dr. Kulick is such a fantastic doctor and an expert at what he does. He is knowledgeable, thorough, his manner and skill is excellent, he creates a comfortable environment and I trust him completely. I did my homework prior — not only does Dr. Kulick have a wealth of experience, he has authored many papers, won awards and presented hundreds of lectures around the world (to name a few of his achievements!). Dr. Kulick takes the time to answer questions, shows you examples and provides options for the best treatment. Other doctors I met either rushed you or tried to up-sell. Dr. Kulick doesn’t sugar coat, which is great (he’s also very witty!). I have had IPL and Botox with him (which is always great), but most importantly I had a rhinoplasty procedure in which he fixed a botched job from a previous surgeon. Apparently, the inside of my nose was a patchwork quilted mess and he fixed it 🙂 I have a great, and natural, looking nose for the first time ever! Everything was seamless with the procedure; the staff were fantastic and the recovery as expected. I would absolutely recommend him and his staff. Thank you Dr. Kulick!”
– Leeni A., Revision Rhinoplasty / Photo rejuvenation

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