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Dedicated to advancing the fields of Aesthetic, Ophthalmology, Surgical laser and energy-based medicine, Lutronic develops intelligent systems that are innovative, intuitive, dependable and effective to improve a physician’s ability to provide outstanding patient care. Committed to this mission since 1997, Lutronic partners with key opinion leaders to advance science and ensure the efficacy of its systems. Systems include proprietary features which enhance versatility and expand treatment options for optimized outcomes.


Focused on engineering devices that offer unique features and improvements not found in today’s market, Lutronic devotes more than 20 percent of revenues to R&D and holds more than 493 current and pending patents worldwide. With Lutronic Global located in the U.S. Boston area, Lutronic also has a major manufacturing office in Korea, offices in Germany, France, China and Japan and a worldwide network of direct sales teams and distributors that is ever expanding.


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Skin Tightening
Skin Resurfacing
Wrinkle Reduction
Scar Revision
Tattoo Removal
Hair Removal
Hyper pigmentation
Melasma Reduction, Vascular Lesion and Vein Reduction


“I’ve done over a thousand INFINISkin treatments and booked over a million dollars in INFINISkin revenue. Not many devices can claim that level of success.”
– Steven Weiner, M.D., Florida


“I really believe the INFINI device provides the most tightening and skin rejuvenation of anything I’ve seen in this class.”
– Jason Pozner, M.D., Florida


“The new radiofrequency microneedling technology by Lutronic INFINI offers short downtime and delivers energy at the level you want it to. Really impressive results with ease of operation.”
– Edmond Griffin, M.D., Georgia


”Infini is the most effective non-surgical tightening I have seen! It is an amazing tool for treating acne scarring and can be safely used on all skin types. As a facial plastic surgeon, I routinely recommend Infini for patients who do not want surgery. I honestly can’t think of a patient in my practice who couldn’t benefit from Infini. I, myself, have been thoroughly impressed with the results in my own face, both in regards to skin quality and laxity.”
– Lori Hansen, M.D., Oklahoma City, OK


“With the INFINI, because it is radiofrequency and the needles are insulated, you are sparing the epidermis of any kind of thermal damage and can safely treat virtually any skin type.”
– Omar Ibrahimi, M.D., Connecticut


“INFINI is a device of which you can change the depth on the fly. It’s handheld, portable, delivers good energy and has multiple uses in the practice, the least of which is skin tightening and acne scarring.”
– Gilly Munavalli, M.D., North Carolina


“The main advantage of Infini, is that it delivers the RF energy in a very precise and controllable manner, which allows for more predictable and dramatic results, with less damage to surrounding tissue for less downtime than other competing procedures. I am particularly enthusiastic about the potential for off the face rejuvenation.”
– Victor Ross, M.D., California


“The advantage of INFINI radiofrequency microneedling is that patients can get these great, dramatic results without laser resurfacing. So they have virtually no downtime.”
– Tina West, M.D., Maryland


“I’ve been bringing back my acne scar patients who plateaued after a series of non-ablative fractional laser treatments and treated them with Infini. Every single patient that was treated with Infini improved after 1 session.”
– Joely Kaufman, M.D., Florida


INFINI High Intensity Focused RF
PICOPLUS Highest Power & Versatility for Difficult Cases
LaseMD Intelligent Design for Intelligent Care
SPECTRA Brilliant Versatility - Industry Leading Dependability
CLARITY Dual Wavelength Alexandrite & ND:YAG LASER
eCO2 Fractional CO2 Laser with 0.1mm Precision