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We are a Cosmeceuticals Company with products containing high quality Organic CBD and dedicated to bringing you the most effective (backed by clinical trials and a team of top scientists) products ranging from Muscle/Joint pain relief cream, Neuropathy Pain Relief Cream and Anti-Aging Creams which are not only of the highest quality but extremely effective. We have also created and are preparing to launch a line of high-end Cosmetics that contain CBD and promise to be unique, luxurious and make you feel beautiful!


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Barry’s background is diverse and colorful. He started his working career as a music booking agent, that led to founding and becoming a top concert tour promoter.


Barry promoted over 500 major concerts with artists such as The Oak Ridge Boys, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Lacy J Dalton, The Beach Boys, Three Dog Night, The Little River Band, Kenny Loggins, The Pointer Sisters, Head East, Poco, Don Williams and Donnie & Marie Osmond.


Barry left the music business to pursue a career on Wall Street, where he was trained by the legendary Investment Banking firm EF Hutton & Company. Later Barry became the Vice President of Prudential Securities as well as writing a regular article for the Rancho Santa Fe Times.


Barry has historically been a home run hitter with significant levels of success and is a very blessed Father of 10 year old Triplets and married to a great wife.


Barry Clark held #1 position for length of service for opening new accounts and generation of gross commissions while at Merrill Lynch.


Barry was also Ranked #5 in the Hall of Fame during the 82 year history of E.F. Hutton, based on consistent outstanding performance, and opening of new accounts as a stockbroker.


"About three months ago I asked Stephanie to send me some FlowerKist Cream for the nerve pain in my feet. I have been diagnosed with peripheral nerve damage and have constant pain in my feet. After receiving the FlowerKist and applying it in the morning and at night my pain has reduced from a 7 or 8 on the pain scale to around a 3. Nothing else works this well. The V.A. kept giving me pain killers but FlowerKist has worked the best....Also, about a month ago I fell on the ice and hurt my shoulder. I put FlowerKist on it and the pain was reduced to almost nothing. This stuff works.....need some more."
-Steve Harris


"Solace" (Joint & Muscle Pain Relief Cream) is our most loved and effective products. It provides comfort from arthritis, soreness, tired muscles from sports, working out or travel, sunburns and chronic aches and pains. It is even terrific for use on tummy’s for stomach aches and is very effective in providing relief from menstrual cramps. Formulated by top scientists to provide relief with quick absorption into the skin by containing a patented technology for rapid absorption which increases the absorption of up to 70% and increasing the efficacy tremendously. Aside from being backed by clinical trials, Solace moisturizes and helps heal skin while providing a soothing relief so you can get back to enjoying life. For those of us that believe in “Fashion First” and choose uncomfortable yet glamorous shoes this cream is an essential part of getting ready before a long evening on your feet or just everyday use.


FlowerKist has also created and are preparing to launch a line of high-end Cosmetics that contain CBD and promise to be unique, luxurious and make you feel beautiful!


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