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FriendMedia is a powerful and easy to use cloud-based digital marketing solution that allows Aesthetic Providers to increase awareness and utilization of the procedures they already offer. Friendmedia enables you to customize your content, drag and drop to the TV of your choice and grow your brand. It’s simple, proven to drive revenue and cost less than your cable bill.







“We offer so many great solutions, but our patients only know about 20% of what we actually do. FriendMedia is educating our patients and stimulating productive conversations during the visit.”
-Dr. Stephen Ronan- Blackhawk Plastic Surgery

“It’s better than any static print media we could come up with for Blackhawk Plastic Surgery,” Scott said. “The biggest value is that it educates our patients and potential patients before they even talk to the doctor, allowing them to ask more informed questions. It also helps us raise awareness about all of our other services and promo- tions.”
Scott continued, “It makes the practice look more relevant, and I like the ease of use. We are communicating more of what you do. So it’s working really well.”
– Megan Scott, Marketing Director at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery, loves the engagement the display inspires and says her favorite app is Instagram.

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