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Biodermis is the industry leader in the development of innovative, scientific solutions for skin and scar care.


Nearly 30 years ago, Biodermis revolutionized the scar management industry by introducing scar reducing silicone gel technology to dermatologists and plastic surgeons worldwide. Since then, we have maintained a constant focus on market leadership through a culture of innovation. This innovation has resulted in a continued expansion of our clinically proven scar management and liposuction compression foam products. It has also lead to the development of an exciting new chapter in the story of Biodermis—anti-aging and skin repair.

For 2017, Biodermis is proud to announce CellSkinLab, an exclusive line of professional cosmeceuticals with international backing that offers innovative, non-invasive formulations with pharmaceutical grade active ingredients. Additionally, CSL has scientific and technological backing that supports treatment regimens with demonstrated effectiveness in improving the health and appearance of skin. These exclusive formulations repair damage caused by photo-aging, environmental free radicals and other factors that accelerate early aging of the skin.

Our staff is extremely knowledgeable about silicone for scar reduction, the only proven topical method for managing keloid and hypertrophic scars. The silicone gel technology that makes these products so effective has been harnessed and tailored specifically for stretch marks in our Dermasof Skin Repair Serum, a silicone fluid in a pump delivery system. Dermasof is a crystal clear, 100% silicone fluid that contains no oils, dyes or drying agents. BIO-luminance, a silicone Hydration Masque is absolutely unique in the hydration market. It hydrates and oxygenates the skin, and imparts no additional chemicals to facial care regimens—it is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, meaning completely oil, dye and fragrance free, making it safe for all skin types.

We are excited for you to experience our innovative products, and guarantee you a level of satisfaction that is second to none.

Awards and Recognitions:

Pro-Sil Recognized as Winner “Best Home Use Device,” 2013/14 MyFaceMyBody Awards—London, England


CellSkinLab Clinical Skincare
Pro-Sil Silicone Scar Stick
Epi-Derm Silicone Gel Sheets
DermaSof Skin Repair Serum
Xeragel Silicone Ointment
Epifoam for Post-Liposuction
BIO-luminance Hydration Masque

gi_62193_composition_sean_001Biodermis Introduces CellSkinLab Clinical Skincare Serums and Eye Creams

CellSkinLab Clinical Skincare focuses on improving the health of the skin at the cellular level. The CSL anti-aging product line features topical antioxidant and polypeptide serums, as well as eye creams for a variety of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, under eye bags and other early signs of aging skin. CSL focuses on three distinct segments of improving skin health—prevention, correction and moisturizing.



My skin feels amazing–even my husband noticed!!
Reviewer: Renee T. from New York, NY
After using Serum 15 for a week, my skin felt more firm, and had a noticeable brightness. My husband even mentioned my skin looked “so healthy!” Yay! You can feel it working!
Reviewer: Melanie from Las Vegas, NV
The Serum 15 tingles a little at first, but they say that is perfectly normal. After a few days, I did notice the difference. Great product. Great price for the quality!
Reviewer: Carmen R. from Los Angeles, CA
I’ve used similar products, and I can tell you that for this quality, you can’t beat the price!



The best!
Reviewer: Diane M. from Boulder, CO United States
The Epi-Derm silicone gel strip has made a huge difference in the healing of my thyroid surgery incision. I was afraid of what the incision would look like post surgery and skeptical that anything would make a difference. Wow – I was pleasantly surprised that after using this product for 6 weeks, my incision is flat and barely noticeable, except for some slight purple discoloration. It looks so good, that my friends and family have forgotten that I had surgery! I highly recommend this product to help beautifully heal surgery incisions.

Have used these since surgery to help my scar. It is looking great and would recommend trying to minimize scar from surgery. Works great!
Reviewer: Joan Apple from Scottsdale, AZ United States
About a year ago I had my thyroid removed. Shortly after I had an appointment with my dermatologist, who suggested that Biodermis would minimize the scar. She was right. I now keep some on hand for when I need it, and it is a wonderful gift for friends who have just had surgery.
Reviewer: Diane M Fike from Long Beach, CA United States
I just started using these strips on raised and dark scars. I tend to keloid and hope these will be helpful, but it’s too soon to tell. They are very easy to use and you can’t feel then at all once applied. Love it!
Reviewer: Nicole Lugo from porter, TX United States
I have being using it for 5 months. I have notice the difference on my scar.



Amazing results!
Reviewer: Reese
Product works really well at minimizing old and new scars. Very impressive results. Delivered quickly as described.

Huge improvement on ugly scar
Reviewer: Amy B
I used this product on my heel after major surgery. My scar was massive and so ugly. This product improved my scar so much. I tell everyone I know about Biodermis!




I love this mask!
Reviewer: Melanie from Los Angeles, CA United States
I use this mask before my moisturizer, and it works absolute wonders! It is very easy to use. Absolutely excellent mask!
Reviewer: Janette P. from Albuquerque, NM
I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer! I’ve never had this much hydration from any product. I use it before I put on my moisturizer, like the other reviewer has mentioned. I like that I can reuse the mask for about a month. Scored major points with my wife!
Reviewer: Scott B. from New York, NY United States
Yes, I’m a guy. Bought this for my wife, but she loves it so much I felt obliged to say so. I have to say, I do notice how firm her face looks after using it. Very youthful! I guess that’s the hydrating effect at work. She is super picky, so if SHE loves it, it MUST be good!

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