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Sono Bello


In just over a decade, Sono Bello® has grown into an industry leader with 40+ locations spanning across the United States. Our growth is made possible by an amazing team of board-certified plastic and facial plastic surgeons that are now over 100 strong, as well as our entire team of dedicated Sono Bello® employees.

With our eyes to the future, we look forward to opening even more locations in the coming years. We also look forward to further advances in the tools and techniques of our craft, so we can always provide our customers with the most advanced procedures and the most amazing results available.

Sono Bello® believes facial and body cosmetic procedures to be both a science and an art. Over the years, we’ve seen that when the two work together seamlessly, lives are changed for the better. This is why our team of highly skilled physicians only specialize in total body transformation, and it’s how we’ve been able to positively impact the lives of thousands of women and men nationwide since our beginning.

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