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Laskin Medical Skin Systems

Laskin Medical Skin Systems skin care programs are customized for each individual, as everyone’s skin is unique.

About Laskin Medical Skin Systems

Laskin Medical Skin Systems® is a medically supervised skin program designed to be used as a customized and comprehensive skin care regimen, for both in-office and home care system. Aestheticians and medical personnel are trained to administer all the medical Laskin treatments and products to correct and change the texture of the skin at the cellular level.

Laskin Medical skin care products are truly prescription formulas that have added ingredients of medication such as peels, exfoliants and antibiotics. Our skin treatments include exfoliation, peeling, hydrating, restoring, and retexturing for sun damage hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, rosacea, ethnic skin, ultra-sensitive skin fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.


Our skin treatments include dermaplaning and microneedling. In-office treatments include medical and non-medical grades of exfoliation, peeling, hydrating, restoring, and retexturing for sun damage hyperpigmentation, acne, scarring, rosacea, ethnic skin, ultra-sensitive skin fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots.


Laskin Medical Skin Systems provides a full back-bar of medical grade skin care products, administered under the diction of a MD or DO with trained RNs and Aestheticians. PRODUCTS ARE NOT SOLD ON THE INTERNET.


“This has been my experience while using your products…
Forty years ago as a teenager I would bake in the sun each summer, never using sun-screen. Consequently, my skin has a lot of pigmentation and sun damage. When I first began to use your products, it seemed like the sun damage rose to the surface of my skin. I was blotchy and red and could see a lot of freckles. Now, after almost 16 weeks, my age spots and freckles are fading and my skin looks much brighter and clearer. My skin looks and feels dewy and smooth, much younger and fresher to me. My forehead was always oily by midday, but now stays normal all day when I use the gel in the mornings.
I’ve used Mary Kay and Lancome products but they left my skin feeling tight and then oily later in the day. Neither program improved the look and feel of my skin. In fact, many of the products felt too heavy and mad my pores feel like they were clogged. Your products are the first products that have made my skin feel clean and healthy from inside out. My friends and family constantly tell me how good my skin looks.”

~ Kathy L. Moore

“Living in Florida from time to time since I was 10 years old, tanning was a norm for me. My goal as a teen was to get as dark as a tree truck. I did not realize how sun damaged my face was, until I started using Laskin Medical Skin Systems at the end of February 2009. After 3 months my skin looks and feels truly amazing. My skin is soft, naturally pink and moist. The sun damage is gone, no more age spots and fine lines have disappeared to very small fine lines. I feel so fortunate at the age of 61 years to be educated about my skin and to realize how important the proper treatment and product is to accomplish you goal for a youthful look. You never get too old to learn something new. Education creates agelessness. I am already sharing what I have learned with my friends, daughter and granddaughters. Your face is the first thing people see. Your skin should be as pretty as your smile.”
~ Wanda Harness

“I participated in a trial of derma rolling conducted by Janet Kendall for approximately ten weeks. Weekly, she applied a topical numbing cream to my face, followed by a forty-five minute wait. She used a derma roller over my face, then applied a chemical peel. The process was not painful maybe just a bit uncomfortable. The following day my face was very red, tight feeling followed by about three days of skin peeling. Although time consuming, the process did have some subtle effects. I would recommend the procedure. In the past, I have had “photo facials” with intense pulsed light therapy. The cost was very prohibitive and I did not see any results only permanent skin color changes with initial burns on my face. Janet Kendall is a very caring individual, and explains all of her procedures very well. She is knowledgeable and does not take advantage of her clients. I am glad that I
participated in her study.”

~ Lisa R. Matthews

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