Aesthetic Everything® Educational Speakers and Influencers Bureau

$500.00 / year




The Aesthetic Everything® Educational Speakers and Influencers Bureau is a new branch of Aesthetic Everything® whereas people, companies, events, and trade shows can search the Aesthetic Everything® website to view the profiles and credentials of professional speakers and influencers. They can also contract and book our roster of speakers and influencers based on their educational experience and their area of expertise in aesthetic and cosmetic medicine.

The roster of Educational Speakers and Influencers will be tailored to specific categories of aesthetic and cosmetic medicine so that those entities looking for certain subjects can easily find and contract those speakers needed.

Aesthetic Everything will book speakers and influencers for the following: Trade Shows, Events, TV Commercials, Social Media campaigns, Podcasts, Reality Shows, Sponsorships, and more.

Those in the Bureau will be called Aesthetic Everything® Educational Speakers and Influencers Bureau – Key Opinion Leaders – and this will be notated in their profiles.

Our goal is to build the largest Speakers Bureau in the industry so that our roster obtains the most opportunities and can be known as the go-to source for companies and other entities looking for educational speakers and influencers.

The benefits of membership in the Speakers Bureau include:

▪ Full Page Visible profile with all of your information and qualifications
▪ Verified Blue Check mark on the website
▪ Speaking and Influencer Easy Booking opportunities
▪ Official Speaker and Influencer Status
▪ Easy contact information for those looking for speakers
▪ Easy searchable guide of speaking topics on the website
▪ Inclusion in Promotional campaigns for Speakers Bureau
▪ Categories section will include INFLUENCER and SPEAKER
▪ “Book This Speaker/ Influencer” button on your profile
▪ Section with details of your speaking/ influencer resume
▪ Opportunities for sponsorships and placements

For those interested in joining the Aesthetic Everything® Educational Speakers and Influencers Bureau of Key Opinion Leaders, membership is $250 annual if you already have a membership profile (for the additional features and blue check), and $500 annual if you do not already have a membership profile. Your membership in the speakers bureau includes a full membership profile and annual awards nominations.

If Aesthetic Everything books a paid speaking or influencer engagement for you, fees will be assessed and presented to each individual at that time. There will be a percentage paid to Aesthetic Everything for the booking on a case by case basis. The percentage will be indicated only when the booking comes in, and not contracted prior to. Anything that you book yourself, through your profile directly, we will not charge any fee, so you can feel free to promote your speaking and influencer profile as well, and book your own opportunities. You will be given a QR code to promote your speakers profile.