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Oncology Training International

Oncology Esthetics® (OE) is an advanced certification training program for spa professionals.


The program was developed over the past 6 years through extensive research including the use and support of scientific studies that have been published by leading health and integrative care professionals and facilities. OE specifically addresses how cancer and cancer treatment affect the person and what that means to the spa therapist providing services to this demographic.

Oncology Esthetics Foundation Training Provides the Knowledge and Skills To:

• Understand cancer, current treatments and side effects of those treatments.
• Perform skin cancer screenings and know when to refer to dermatologists for medical assessment and treatment
• Provide non-invasive and beneficial spa treatments specially designed for cancer patients.
• Share specialized knowledge about good, affordable skin products and ingredients
• Recommend and administer safe and beneficial skin treatments based on client’s medical history, and skin condition(s)
• Assist with re-creating of brows, lashes and use of makeup to enhance the clients looks to ensure they look as normal as possible
• Listen with compassionate ears, build trust by respecting each clients privacy, medical condition and build the client’s confidence that the treatments we provide will ensure them a higher quality of life


Our Commitment to You:

As a spa professional, providing any type of spa treatment to someone experiencing a disease, and undergoing harsh medical treatment(s), is extremely humbling and REWARDING! There is no vanity about one wrinkle in the aging process, when the reality is the struggle to survive. Oncology Esthetician’s clients have confidence that the esthetician will make safe adjustments based on her knowledge and education to increase their quality of life.

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