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Nuvesse Skin Therapies

By just adding NuvesseMD’s weekly Serum-infused biocellulose masks and twice daily serum rollers into your patients’ skincare regimen, you can create a customized, easy-to-follow routine that best addresses their skin your concerns. Whether in search of a lasting way to plump wrinkles, give skin a seasonal boost of hydration, or care for skin as it heals after an in-office treatment, NuvesseMD has a proven formula that aligns with your patients’ needs.


Nuvesse Skin Therapies was born out of PolyRemedy, a venture backed woundcare company founded in 2004. In eight years of wound healing R&D the company identified the critical balance of both the serum effects and the exact delivery systems to heal chronic wounds. Our research indicated that our science of wound healing included damaged skin cells that have been “wounded” by the drying and effects of aging, sun exposure and environmental elements as well. Realizing this concept could be applied to create a truly efficacious skincare line, Nuvesse transformed the technology into a flexible, highly effective transdermal delivery platform. The dermatologists and scientists behind NuvesseMD™ have drawn from the brand’s origins in wound healing science to develop Cellulation™ Technology, delivering proven ingredients deeper into the epidermis without disrupting the stratum corneum. The NuvesseMD skin therapy portfolio addresses a broad array of patient concerns and offers a unique way to link medical aesthetic procedures and services with retail skin care offering that complement in-office procedures and easily integrate into existing skincare recommendations.


NuvesseMD collection of skin therapy serums, formulated with Cellulation™ Technology, targets a wide array of skin concerns. You can address signs of aging, target a specific problem area, or treat your entire face to an overall improvement. Our serum-infused biocellulose masks gently conform to the contours of your face for a comfortable treatment that delivers real results. Use our serum rollers during your morning or evening skincare routine to enhance your results between serum-infused mask treatments. All of our products are free of parabens, gluten, dyes, synthetic fragrances, sulfates and petrochemicals. We never test on animals and our Products are made in the USA.


“The roller is reducing the puffiness under my eyes and I have integrated them in to my daily routine.” – Amber, 45

“When I take off the mask, my skin feels really nice and soft and it stays that way for days.” – Yasmin, 64

“My skin needs to look good every day. I could see the results immediately. It didn’t just hydrate; it plumped my skin and felt very refreshing.” – Pamela M.

“Great looking skin makes me feel more confident. I can definitely see the difference in results versus other products I’ve used. And it’s a wonderful experience, feels like you’re in a fancy spa.” – Claire P.

“I really liked it. The masque felt wonderful. It was very cool, soothing and calming. NuvesseMD is easy and gave me results I could see.” – Tina H.

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