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Vision Medical, Inc. is a leading USA manufacturer that develops and markets medical and aesthetic technology products for the medical and aesthetic markets for worldwide distribution. Vision Medical’s first commercial product, the SmartGraft® FUE Hair Restoration System, with closed canister system for storage, keeps harvested grafts chilled, hydrated and robust without exposure to outside air. Together with this rapid harvest, optimal graft preservation technology and significant reduction in harvesting times, SmartGraft allows donor grafts the best possible chance of regrowth for better patient outcome.


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Alan Bauman, MD
Bauman Medical - Hair Restoration for Men & Women
Boca Raton, FL

“SmartGraft is the iPhone of hair transplant surgery devices ~ old style procedures left
a linear scar, had a long down time, stitches or staples. This procedure has much less
downtime, much less discomfort, much quicker recovery and absolutely no linear scar left

“The greatest innovation with this device is that when the follicle is harvested, it is going
to then be transferred and stored right into this container where it’s going to be kept
moist and cool while it is awaiting transplantation. The reason that we want that is
because it is going to improve the growth rate and the quality of hair on the back end
when it grows.”


Craig L. Ziering, MD
Ziering Medical
Beverly Hills, CA

“I really enjoy the SmartGraft and the innovation of the system. SmartGraft has several
advantages for the patient over other FUE devices. One of those is the fact that we are
able to excise the graft by going very superficial into the skin. That leads to quicker
healing and more rapid healing is generally less pain, faster recovery, happy patient.
The second thing is their suction with this device. And the suction enables the graft to be
vacuumed out into a canister that is filled a holding solution that keeps it moist and wet
which is really important and there’s no other device that does that. The other thing is
because of the suction there is less chance of cutting the bulb which is the life source of
the hair graft. So the two things that are damaging the graft the most are drying them
out and crush injury. The SmartGraft avoids both of these”
“The physician also has several benefits by using the SmartGraft. First of all, anytime you
have something that is better for the patient, it’s better for you as the doctor. Anything
that is going to make the result better, makes the patient happy, makes you happy as the
doctor. But also in addition to that, it is a smart system in the sense that on the touch
screen you can make adjustments to the parameters. You can set the temperature that
you want, the revolutions per minute, it actually counts the number of recipient harvests
that you make. This just gives you a couple of the advantages the SmartGraft has over
other FUE devices.”


Jennifer L. Walden, MD, PLLC
Walden Cosmetic Surgery and Laser Center
Austin, TX

"I have found that adding the SmartGraft device technology and procedure to my practice
has been beneficial. As a solo practitioner and plastic surgeon, it is nice complement to
some of the procedures I perform and noninvasive technology we have in my MedSpa.
The SmartGraft team is very supportive with the process of onboarding staff and helping
to establish and market the procedure in your practice. I find it economically sound to see
my new patient consultations and post-ops during my office hours and have the procedure going on in my office operating room with one of our highly skilled technicians. Best of all, it works and is a very definitive and effective technology for hair restoration for both men and women. We purchased the SmartGraft system in the spring of 2016. I have found it to be superior to other systems in the way that it protects the extracted follicles by cooling and moistening while waiting to implant the grafts. The surgeon is involved in the
consultation, patient evaluation and planning process. The surgeon is in more of a supervisory role during the actual procedure, but can be as technically involved as he or
she wants to be if so desired. Our patient satisfaction with SmartGraft has been amazing. We are getting great results and they have a great team. This is really a life-changing procedure in a relatively short number of hours, given the years of embarrassment and angst many men and women go through after losing their hair, so the rewards are high. My practice is mainly men, so it’s nice to see some men as well coming through the office seeking cosmetic procedures. Brow transplants and restoration of the anterior hairline are issues that affect women and they are seeking SmartGraft in my practice as a solution. Thick, dark brows is certainly trending right now for women, so we have seen an uptick of not only older women in their 60s and 70s asking for brow hair transplants, but also women who are younger with blonder hair or thinning brows from overplucking when that was all the rage. We are now able to help women and men of all ages as the SmartGraft procedure is versatile and can address a variety of hairloss conditions."


Michael J. Orseck, MD
Michael J. Orseck, MD
Spartanburg, SC

“Hi, my name is Dr. Michael Orseck. I am a plastic surgeon in the Spartanburg-Greenville
area of South Carolina. I wanted to tell you a little bit about SmartGraft. Recently I joined
the SmartGraft family. I have really been interested in hair transplantation for a long
time – way back in training we used to do the strip method – we used to chop up hair
follicles, it took forever and it was terrible. But, the last year or so I have been interested
in refining the technique. I looked at some competitor devices and was not really thrilled.
One time at a national meeting I heard a presentation about SmartGraft and immediately
I knew SmartGraft was it – I spoke with a bunch of the surgeons who use it, I spoke to the
support staff, some people from marketing, a guy you will ultimately meet named Joey,
who is amazing . . . and after talking with all those great folks I just realized SmartGraft
was the right technology. So speaking of the technology, the machine that I’ve been using now for a while doesn’t glitch, has no problems, is seamless, it’s easy, there is essentially no pain to the patient other than a little numbing medicine, the patients are just mellow throughout the procedure, there’s no linear scars, there’s no, really, I hate to say no risk in a procedure but it’s one of the lowest risk procedures we have out there. Patients grow hair. Period. They love it.

So I couldn’t recommend SmartGraft highly enough. If you have any questions feel free to
give me a call.”


Dr. Kenneth A. Buchwach, MD, FACS
Kansas City Hair Restoration
Leawood, KS

"SmartGraft is a superb device offering speed, reliability and enhanced graft viability.
Working with Vision Medical, Inc., the parent company of SmartGraft, has been
an extremely positive experience. They are very responsive and committed to their
Being able to constantly keep the grafts moist and cool clearly improves viability. There is
no need to frequently empty the holding canister.
If someone is trying to decide to go with suction assist FUE the choice is easy The
SmartGraft is a better machine period."


SmartGraft Automated FUE Hair Restoration System


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