MedShift was founded in 2015 as a subscription services provider that enables medical practices to get the latest equipment and technology to remain competitive and attract new business.



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    MedShift was founded in 2015 as a subscription services provider that enables medical practices to get the latest equipment and technology to remain competitive and attract new business. We deliver high value to your operations by placing the best medical devices bundled with agency services, device manufacturer relations, digital marketing, procedural analytics and more. With a flat monthly fee, you can focus on providing the best in patient care and improve your bottom line.

    MedShift has partnered with over 330 medical practices in North America to deliver in demand services supporting our portfolio of 25 devices. In addition to the support you will receive from the manufacturer, we offer holistic value added solutions designed to drive more patients to your practice.
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    MedShift partners with some of the top aesthetic manufacturers in the U.S. to provide affordable options in device securement for aesthetic practices. Additionally, MedShift works to equip each device with built-in technology that allows for remote monitoring and real-time data reporting. The added technology meets and exceeds the federal data protection requirements.

    MedShift also provides MedBox, a holistic tablet/phone/web application that facilitates the management of recurring procedures and product deliveries and includes a self-service e-commerce store for patients.

    While MedBox allows for one-time treatments and deliveries, it features an advanced subscription platform that makes high-cost procedures and products more accessible to patients. When a patient is registered for a recurring subscription, the platform calculates monthly payments divided over the months leading up to the patient’s next treatment or service and ensures they are paid in full. This payment plan approach makes the purchasing of products and treatments more appealing to patients.

    To ensure practices are able to successfully launch their new devices, MedShift created MedShift Connect. MedShift Connect is MedShift’s in-house marketing and communications agency. MedShift Connect directs full service communications for both manufacturers and practices, focusing on both B2B and B2C relations. The agency guides major market players from the planning to the implementation stages, using data and insights on the backend to deliver incredible results. With in-house experts across disciplines, the team is uniquely equipped to bring exceptional marketing services to market. The agency drives results leveraging traditional media, from print placements to pitch to media, to new media, including website design, SEO tracking and social media management.


    MedShift was honored to be ranked as #185 on the Inc. 5000 list for the 2020 year. Additionally, MedShift was ranked as the 15th fastest growing company in the healthcare sector within the 2020 Inc 5000 list.

    In addition to the 2020 Inc 5000 list, MedShift was able to secure placement at #18 on Charlotte Business Journal’s Fast 50 List for the 2020 year.


    In addition to MedBox, MedShift offers a variety of connected devices from various manufacturers. These devices include: Renuvion, Tetra CO2, Virtue RF, focusED, Skinwave, Subnovii, Motus AX, Motus AY, Luxea, Quanta Evo Light, Quanta Evo Plus, DiscoveryPico, Cellfina, Ultherapy, Viora, MiraDry, Emsculpt, VASERlipo and others. MedShift also provides consumables to practices at discounted rates. These can include tips, hand pieces, and accessories to various devices. 

    Additionally, MedShift Connect creates and delivers custom video content, custom website content, designs for branded materials, logo conceptualization, social media management, and more in order to assist both practices and manufacturers in their marketing efforts.