Linda Lee Tagliamonte, LE

Linda spends much of her time, when not treating skin, researching all of the latest lasers, devices, products and overall health and skincare needs for all of her patients.


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    653 West Skippack Pike, Blue Bell, PA, USA


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    Linda's journey started with her own battle with acne and acne scars. Beginning in her teenage years and continuing throughout her twenties and thirties, Linda's endless search to find a way to manage her acne, and also remove her acne scars had brought her to numerous doctors and had seen her purchase countless products, all of which claimed to be the magic cure.


    Finding only frustration, yet determined to seek answers, Linda, who had spent sixteen years as an editor for TV Guide Magazine, felt compelled to shift directions in her career. Previously obtaining her Master's Degree, Linda once again returned to school. It was her motivation to fix her own acne scars that lead Linda to delve into the world of medical esthetics. Always passionate about helping others, Linda believed that if she could continue her tireless research, she would truly be able to help others suffering with skin conditions like she did. As a Licensed Esthetician, and after years of extensive research working with world renowned Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists, Linda has acquired extensive knowledge in all aspects of clinical skin care, including the latest advancements in medical skin treatments, products and technology. As a result, Linda's expertise, advice and highly effective treatments are sought by many throughout the region between Philadelphia and New York City.


    Among those who entrust their skin care to this highly respected specialist are Linda's loyal patients at The Skin Rejuvenator Skin Care Studio in Rittenhouse Square, Philadelphia. Her clientele ranges from models, actors, TV personalities, professional athletes and other celebrities. Linda opened her own practice in order to create an atmosphere where people can enjoy a private and non-judgemental space.

    Loving animals as much as skin, Linda even welcomes visitors of the four-legged kind to her happy skin care studio!


    Specializing in all aspects of medical skincare, Linda's patients have entrusted her with treating many skin conditions. From anti-aging, acne prone skin, scar revision, pigmentation, vessel issues, fat reduction/ muscle-sculpting, and laser hair removal, Linda is passionate about focusing on each patient's needs. Treating men, women and children of all ages and skin types, she devotes as much time necessary to help her patients achieve their desired results.


    Linda spends much of her time, when not treating skin, researching all of the latest lasers, devices, products and overall health and skincare needs for all of her patients.


    Devoting countless hours to her research, Linda has developed many great connections, searching medical treatments modalities with colleagues from around the world. This dedication has contributed to Linda's success in the Medical Aesthetics field, becoming the first in the region to bring medical microneedling, plasma fibroblast, and platelet rich fibrin to the area.


    Those who spend any amount of time with Linda will often hear her say a couple of her terms near and dear to her heart, "IT'S ALL GOOD" and "RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS!" Before you know it, you too will be reciting those same words!


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    Plasma Fibroblast
    Chemical Peels
    PRF- Platelet Rich Fibrin
    Glowtox Facial
    Oxygen Dome Facial
    Laser Hair Removal
    Photofacial - IPL
    Skin Tag Removal
    Radio Frequency


    Temple University, Masters of Education, Psycho Educational Processes
    Licensed Esthetician, Pennsylvania - Magnolia School of Beauty, Esthetics 
    Licensed Esthetician, New York - Magnolia School of Beauty, Esthetics  
    Certification: Plasmx Plasma Fibroblast
    Certification: Thermage Radio Frequency
    Certification: Thermiva Vaginal Rejuvenation
    Certification: Fraxel Laser
    Certification: Pixel Laser
    Certification: Ultherapy
    Certification: Dermapen - Microneedling Device
    Certification: Vivace RF/Microneedling
    Certification: CoolSculpting
    Certification: SculpSure
    Certification: Venus Versa
    Laser Certifications: Palomar, Cynosure, Alma, M-Sculpt


    International Academy of Aesthetics
    Elite Beauty Society




    Hi , I know I am the captain of Team Linda because I have been with you a very long time and will be for a very long time to come. I think my whole family and many friends go to you now, not only because your the best, but they all have seen the transformation in my skin over the years. I am happy every day for starting with you way way back when. It all started with the Micro-needling and we all thought that was the best and now you are doing this new miracle treatment and I know that you will never stop surprising us with something new and better. I love the results from this new treatment as I have all the other things you do, you work the magic my friend. You have an amazing passion for skincare, you sleep, eat and breathe it. You are all about "results, results, results", and you'll never stop, we hope! So just wanted to let you know we love you and our results and as the captain of the team, and there is a lot of us, we thank you and we say, "We got the looks"!!, Thanks for caring so much, love, Judy Tegler

    I have been coming to Linda for several years and she does a fantastic job with my combination/sensitive skin. She has been able to zap away any benign annoying skin growths I have and my face always looks great after seeing her! She is so nice too:) Highly recommend! - Donna Gimbel Cariola

    Linda is so professional and kind! She wants the best for everyone and gets AMAZING results!!! I come to her for acne. Without her I’d be a total mess! She’s good for the skin and good for the heart! 
    “It’s all good” - Emily Aron

    Linda is AMAZING! Her vast knowledge, expertise and love for skin affords her the opportunity to provide exceptional treatment and services ! I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my skin!! Hurry up and experience her magic for yourself!!! -Maria Christina

    Being in the industry where image is of utmost importance, I cannot have dull looking skin. After years of trying facials from many people and different places, I have finally found someone who has made my skin glowy, younger looking and radiant. Linda Lee is is by far, the most passionate and very knowledgeable at what she does. She has made my skin look it's best that many others have noticed and complimented me about it! I am so happy with the results and services she provides that I continue to refer people I know to Linda.! I am so grateful! Thanks Linda Lee! ~Sheila Alasha

    I suffered numerous concussions playing basketball back in 2008. While holding down a job that required long hours of concentration and data research, I aged what felt like 30 years. The long days of being in front of a computer screen, and being mentally cloudy really stressed me out. It showed.. I always think of the concussions as one of the best things that ever happened to me. It's funny - it probably cut my basketball playing days short, but I met one of the most wonderful people in the WORLD. Linda, I'll be forever grateful that we met.  

    Even if I don't text or call you every day to thank you, I hope that you know how much you've truly changed my life. There's not a day that I don't see my reflection and think of you. The amazing part is that you worked your magic in a handful of treatments - and now I get to reap a lifetime of rewards.  

    Nothing but Love for you Linda.  
    "It's All GOOD" Always and Forever ~ Myles Parrish 

    I have been going to Linda for years now. She has your best interest at heart, truly cares about your skin and what you need to do to improve it. Linda is very experienced and knowledgeable as a licensed medical professional! Your skin will improve 100% but you must listen to what she tells you to do and be diligent in using your medical grade products daily... Thanks Linda for helping me to look 10 to 15 years younger, I love my new skin!!! ~Karen Bellingeri  

    Linda is a professional who truly loves what she does. Her passion for skin care and people shows in her enthusiasm, hard work and efforts and her tireless research. Linda cares about each individual’s needs and goes above and beyond to make sure she is doing everything in her power to help them look and feel better. Linda is also honest and trustworthy and will never sell you a product that she does not believe in. I would not trust my skin to anyone else and I certainly highly recommend her to everyone that I know! ~Kate Chapman


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