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His main practice and passion is liposculpture and body sculpting procedures. For obtaining the best results, with the least amount of downtime, and for patient safety reasons, all procedures are performed using a local fluid called “tumescent anesthesia” which allows for a comfortable surgery without the risks and downtime of general anesthesia. Dr. Emer uses all of the advanced technologies for body contouring to tailor his results to each persons concerns, no single device or type of liposuction is used. Multiple devices and techniques are employed during each surgery to get the ultimate results and best long term outcomes.


He is one of a select few surgeons in United States (Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, California) to perform 4D (four dimensional) body contouring in which he has patients flex their muscles, move the targeted areas in real time, and have the patient in various positions such as standing or bending during the procedure to precisely and meticulously define the areas. He uses this technique to “etch” six packs and create highly defined musculature such as the chest, buttock, breast and calves. With the latest advances in fat harvesting with water-assisted removal (WAL), he can use your body’s own fat and platelet rich plasma (PRP) to contour the surrounding areas and define the underlying muscles. Harvested fat can be transferred to other areas to address concerns such facial wrinkles and lack of volume, hand veins and aging, buttock and breast size and lifting, and the muscular size and bulk of the chest, biceps, calves, shoulders, and quadriceps.


As a leading expert in facial and body contouring, Dr. Emer uses his skill, artistry and passion to fix previously botched procedures that have caused major skin irregularities or deformities such as indentations, scars, and discoloration. Additionally, he is one of few surgeons to treat lipedema, as genetic condition of disproportionate body shape and body pain due to enlarged and multiplied fat cells. The end result is a well-proportioned body with definition and contour tailored to each person’s individual concerns and shape.

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Surgical and Non-Surgical Liposculpture, Body Contouring, Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction, Cosmetic and Laser Dermatology, Skin Care Specialist


Medical Degree – University of Illinois at Chicago

Fellowship in Cosmetics/Liposuction/Lasers, San Francisco

Residency in Internal Medicine – Saint Joseph’s Hospital, Chicago

Residency in Dermatology – Mount Sinai, New York


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