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Skinuva™ Scar cream provides the most advanced topical scar therapy yet to be formulated. Skinuva™ Scar is a physician designed and clinically tested scar cream that uses highly selective growth factors within a silicone cream matrix to help improve the appearance of scars. Our rigorous clinical studies have shown that Skinuva™ Scar improves the appearance of scars nearly two-times better when compared to silicone cream.


Skinuva™ Scar was founded by Dr. Christopher Zoumalan, a Board-Certified Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, who has spent the past several years investigating wound healing and how to best manage surgical scars in his patients that undergo surgery.


Unmet need in current topical scar therapy.
Despite major medical advancements in surgical procedures, scars still remain visible to those that have recovered from their procedures. Little has been developed nor published in the topical scar therapy industry since the introduction of silicone cream in the late 1990s.


Patience in research and formulation were keys to success for Skinuva™ Scar.
Using published medical literature and clinical data, Dr. Zoumalan and his team of scientists were able to integrate selective ingredients to create what is now regarded as one of the most advanced topical scar creams.


Scarless healing in fetuses: this knowledge was crucial in the development of Skinuva™ Scar.
Scar free healing in fetuses occurs due to a complex upregulation and downregulation of certain growth factors. Using such knowledge, Skinuva’s team of scientists, clinicians, stem cell experts, and chemists formulated its first product in its Growth Factor Pipeline: Skinuva™ Scar.


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