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What is LED Light Therapy? LED Light Therapy is the  use of specific types of wavelengths of light to stimulate your cells, thereby increasing the cells’ primary functions. Different lights (wavelengths) have different benefits; production of collagen and elastin, destroying acne-causing bacteria, or reducing inflammation and promoting healing. 


LightStim has been leading the way in LED Light Therapy since 2001. LightStim MultiWave® Patented Technology delivers proven, lasting results to the consumer for the treatment of Anti-Aging, Acne and Pain. Touted amongst Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Estheticians and the Beauty Industry Elite as the leader in LED Light Therapy Technology, the trailblazing brand continues to innovate and revolutionize the face of beauty. Industry Professionals and LightStim customers are not the only LightStim aficionados; Beauty Editors and Social Influencers alike are also admirers of the line, propelling LightStim to earn kudos from top publications including: Marie Claire, American Spa, InStyle, New Beauty, Redbook, The Coveteur, The New York Times and more! The LightStim collection is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA. For more information, please visit LightStim at

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Member, Professional Beauty Association

Awards and Recognitions:

2016 Winner, Cosmoprof Trendsetter Award
2016 Winner, Dermascope Aesthetician’s Choice Award
2015 Winner, American Spa Professional’s Choice Award


LightStim offers:
  • LED Light Therapy Certification class to licensed professionals and students with 400 or more hours.
  • Professional Webinars (ongoing topics and expert instructors)


LightStim Professional 2-Panel Lights (2-Panel Anti-Aging, 2-Panel Combo, 2-Panel Pain, 2-Panel Acne)
LightStim Professional Hand-Held Lights (Anti-Aging Light, Pain Light, Acne Light)

LightStim Professional Hand-Held Lights Plus (Anti-Aging Light, Pain Light, Acne Light)
LightStim Professional LED Bed


“Our Surgery center has been using LightS tim Red and Infrared LED panels for several years now. We place all patients under the LEDs post -op for the benefits of faster healing, reduced bruising and to help minimize scarring. Patients find the LEDs soothing and relaxing and appreciate this technology to help with recovery time. Our Spa also uses LightStim LED technology as an upgrade to facials, lasers and injectables for the immediate benefits of reduced redness and swelling while the blue lights kill bacteria and amber helps build collagen and elastin. Patients can also see the cumulative benefits of LED which is why we offer the LightS tim at home retail devices for every day use to help build collagen and elastin or for Acne or Pain and sore muscles.”
“We first incorporated LightS tim Professional Lights because we wanted to reach different layers of the skin at the same time. Our goal was to create special Facials using LightS tim as well as incorporating the lights as add-on services. We tested the lights on our Clients and received a phenomenal response! After treatment with the LightStim 2-Panel Anti-Aging lights, Clients are experiencing a glow that lasts for days. The 2-Panel Combo Light has accelerated the time of decreasing acne in our Clients. Results are visible in a shorter period of time, which has increased the requests for LightS tim LED lights in treatments. Because of the amazing results we’ve experienced with the 2 Panel Lights, we are now offering the handhelds at retail in our Clinic. The feedback has been extremely positive. Clients are noting a more vibrant, tighter, firmer complexion.”
“My practice has been using LED Light Therapy for many years and believe it can be beneficial for all my clients’ skin types. We upgraded to Lightstim Light for Acne LED 2 Panel in late 2015. It is the only FDA cleared LED light for my Acne patients that incorporates Blue and Red LEDs in the same device and emits at the same time to make sure patients have the best possible clearance and control of acne. LightStim’s blue light treatments destroy acne-causing bacteria within the skin. Applied in eight treatments over a four week period, most patients see a dramatic decrease in the number and severity of acne blemishes and lesions; some report significant improvements after only two or three sessions. LightStim’s red light begins an immediate process of inflammation reduction. The addition of alternated red light treatments increases the effectiveness of acne light treatments by acting as an immediate anti-inflammatory. LightStim is suitable for all body areas, including the large areas of the back and shoulders and the sensitive beard area. It treats mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Severe acne requires more aggressive treatment and many cases will respond well to treatments like Isolaz or Photo Dynamic Therapy. The LightS tim for Acne Hand held has Red and Blue LEDs in aconvenient hand held device that’s safe enough to spot treat every day while watching tv or
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