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Train Now MD

With this Hands On Training program doctors earn – 20 CME hours while moving your practice from healthcare to WellCare and to become certified and ready to perform some of the latest Regenerative Medicine or Cell Assisted procedures.


In this three-day training program we will ensure that doctors are properly prepared and in compliance with FDA regulatory guidelines relative to treatments related to Regenerative Medicine using Stem Cells, Human Amniotic Fluid- Growth Factors, PRP/Platelet Rich Plasma, Cosmetic Liposuction Procedures, and Age Management Services.

Doctors will be ready to perform these cutting-edge procedures at their office upon completion!

Medical Philosophy and Procedural Guidelines
– No General Anesthesia for improved recovery
– Minimal Downtime Procedures
– Outpatient Procedures
– Non-Surgical / Avoidance of cutting
– Avoidance of Needles on the Face
– Bioplasty Technique using Microcannula Technique
– Regenerative Techniques
– Liposculpture only one per day to ensure the best patient outcomes
– Utilize the patients own fat tissue or blood as a platform to help accelerate and enhance repair of damaged or aging body, face, or skin.

Memberships and Associations:

American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery

American Academy of Liposuction Surgery

Graduate from The Aesthetic Ageless Institute

Stem Cell Fellowship through the American Academy of Anti Aging

Age Management Certification by Cenegenics

Double Board Certified in Family Medicine and Geriatrics which provides the medical platform for all recommended Anti Aging services

Awards and Recognitions:

Regenerative Medicine and Cosmetic Services Instructor

Recognized as one of the Best Doctors of America 2015 Doctor of The Year at Florida Hospital for 3 consecutive years Best Doctor in Central Florida ” Orlando Magazine 2010, 2011

Pioneer of Bioplasty technique for Fillers and Fat Transfers Pioneer of EternaMD Stem Cell procedures in both Cosmetic and Orthopedic procedures Inventor and Creator of the “Erectus Shot Procedure” for Erectile Dysfunction using stem cells derived from adipose tissue

Inventor and Creator of the “Colombian Butt Lift” using Fat Transfer Chief Resident at Jamaica Hospital, Queens, New York


Adipose, Bone Marrow, Amniotic Fluid/Growth Factors
Strengthening and Use of Stem Cells
Use of Human Amniotic Fluid / Why?
Erectus Shot® I & II
V-Shot® I & II

Fat Used for Face, Hands, Abdomen, Buttock
Fat Transfer for the Face, Hands, Abdomen, Buttock
Plasma Filler/Plasma Gel/PRP
Colombian Liposculpture Technique
Colombian ButtLift Techniques

Hormone Balancing , Increased Energy, Overall Well-Being, Weightloss
Pellet Hormone Therapy
Bio- Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)
Treatments for Menopause
Treatments for Male Menopause/Andropause


Stem Cell Kits
Surgical Kits
Amniotic Fluid/Growth Factors


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