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Collagen Veil®

Collagen Veil is a series of collagen facial masks to be used before and after procedures and at home.


Collagen Veil® was created in order to improve clinical outcome and enhance patient experience before and after a wide variety of medical procedures.  Created by physicians and scientists, Collagen Veil is a best-in-class collection of 4 gel face masks made from plant collagen and immersed in the finest and specifically chosen ingredients for each phase of the medical procedure.  

PREP, POST and CARE are specifically designed to be used before and after popular medical procedures such as microneedling, laser resurfacing, IPL and injections with dermal fillers, neurotoxins or PRP.  In addition to these 3 procedure-specific masks, SPA has been created for anytime home use to perk up and intensely hydrate all skin types.




Collagen Veil@ PREP
In preparation for facial skin procedures, this application hydrates, conditions and nourishes skin. The comfortable and adherent occlusion ensures optimal and continual skin absorption. Ideal for use before micro-needling, fractional laser and pulsed light procedures.



Collagen Veil@ POST
Immediately after facial skin procedures such as, peels, micro-needling, fractional laser, pulsed light and photo-dynamic therapy, this application soothes, nourishes, calms and hydrates skin.


Collagen Veil@ CARE
Following a skin procedure, this application supports continued skin repair for at-home use every 2 to 3 days and leaves the skin feeling refreshed, well hydrated and smoother. Absorption of the active ingredients is enhanced through the moist occlusion.


Collagen Veil@ SPA
For everyday use as desired, this convenient home-use face mask helps to perk up and intensely hydrate all skin types. It is specially formulated to exfoliate, nourish and support normal skin function and to help with repair of facial skin that is stressed, dry or damaged.


Collagen Veil@ SAMPLE PACK
Includes one of each mask.


“Collagen Veil PREP and POST masks, both before and after our injectable treatments, have made a significant impact on the overall patient experience we deliver. Prior, we would provide an icepack and patients would immediately head to our check-out counter with red dots and bumps at the injections site. They were holding an icepack in one hand, trying to look into a mirror and navigate paying with the other hand all at once.
After we instituted a 10 minute comforting Collagen Veil POST mask, our patients now walk out the door with confidence in their immediately refreshed appearance, little to no marks and a smile on their faces. A happier, more relaxed patient at the check-out counter has an intangible positive effect on new patients coming in, staff members at the front desk and our whole office attitude.”
Steven H. Dayan, MD
Facial Plastic Surgeon, Chicago, Illinois

“As a plastic surgeon we are always looking for ways to improve results and the patient experience. Collagen Veil certainly delivers both. I have begun using the CV masks post laser resurfacing instead of cold compresses and the patients love them. It immediately soothes and hydrates the skin, putting the patient in a state of comfort. I also have started using the masks after my microneedling and PRP treatments and have noticed an instant effect. The gel occludes the PRP rather than removes it like paper masks and the redness in the skin is almost removed completely upon removal, after only 15 minutes! I recommend the CV masks to all of my patients and it has been a huge hit in my office.”
Dr. Semira Bayati
Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
Newport Beach, CA

“I absolutely love the Collagen Veil post procedure mask! Before using it, I would always use a post procedure balm of some sort, but it didn’t provide much comfort for the patients after having treatments such as the MicroLaser peel or Microneedling, etc. Since being introduced to Collagen Veil, I use the POST mask on all my patients after any resurfacing procedure and it immediately soothed their skin and they felt at ease. I would leave it on them from a minimum of 15 to 30 minutes and after removing it I would massage the rest of the liquid into their skin and the erythema calmed down by at least 50%. I am really happy with this product!”
Amanda Martyniuk
Aesthetician, Sanctuary Cosmetic Center
McLean, VA

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