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The Latest Breakthrough In Skincare

Help aid in your skin’s natural healing process and decrease recovery time with Alastin Skincare products, exclusively distributed through physicians.


Alastin Skincare™ is dedicated to developing innovative clinically-tested skincare products that correct, protect and maintain healthy skin for a lifetime. Our unparalleled procedure enhancement products are formulated utilizing the latest technology and are clinically tested to ensure both safety and effectiveness to reawaken the skin’s youthful processes.

Your provider wants to ensure that you receive the very best in all aspects of your experience with him/her. This includes products s/he recommends for your pre- and post-procedure skin care.

The scientists at Alastin have developed products specifically formulated to support you during all of the stages of your procedure and recovery. We have included these products in three kits that make up the Alastin Procedure Enhancement System.

The Story of Alastin:

Skin is capable of healing, regenerating, and growing cells. One of the critical building blocks of skin structure is elastin, a protein that functions in skin recovery.

During the first and second trimester of pregnancy, the fetus has the ability to regenerate from a skin injury perfectly. This is attributed to tropoelastin, a water soluble elastin monomer that is made by the fibroblast in the dermis and secreted into the extracellular matrix where it is cross-linked to form elastin fibers.

At three months of age, the production of elastin is significantly down-regulated, and by middle age production of elastin is almost non-existent, leading to skin laxity and delayed healing.

TriHex Technology™:

TriHex Technology is a combination of a proprietary blend of peptides that reinforces the skin’s natural regenerating properties.


Clinically Proven Benefits For Repair And Rejuvenation:

Alastin Skin Nectar with TriHex Technology, signals the dermis to stimulate tropolelastin activity mimicking the body’s own mechanism to stimulate elastin synthesis and activate collagen production.

  • Increases natural levels of elastin in the skin
  • Improves the quality of existing elastin
  • High antioxidant activity to reduce inflammation, erythema and irritation
  • Anhydrous lipid gel for rapid penetration
  • Applied immediately post procedure to accelerate the recovery process

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